Web Design,
6th Edition

Jennifer T. Campbell

ISBN-13: 9781337277938
Copyright 2018 | Published
256 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Wish you had the skills and knowledge to design powerful websites? Gain the expertise you need right now with WEB DESIGN: INTRODUCTORY, 6E. Learn how to balance target audience expectations, sound design principles, and technical considerations as you create successful, device- and platform-independent websites. Hands-on, interesting, and practical activities in each chapter check your comprehension, help build your web research skills, and develop your design awareness. You learn how to critically evaluate current issues in today’s technology as you examine topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), HTML and responsive web design. WEB DESIGN: INTRODUCTORY, 6E equips you with the key skills you need to develop a solid web design plan of your own in no time.


1. The Environment and the Tools.
2. Web Publishing Fundamentals.
3. Planning a Successful Web Site: Part I.
4. Planning a Successful Web Site: Part II.
5. Typography and Images.
6. Multimedia and Interactivity Elements.
7. Promoting and Maintaining a Website.
Appendix A: HTML Quick Reference.
Appendix B: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Appendix C: Designing for Mobile Devices.
Appendix D: Search Engine Optimization.

  • Jennifer T. Campbell

    Jennifer T. Campbell has written and co-authored several other leading technology texts, including TECHNOLOGY FOR SUCCESS, DISCOVERING THE INTERNET, WEB DESIGN: INTRODUCTORY, MICROSOFT EXPRESSION WEB INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES, COMPUTER LITERACY BASICS: MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007 COMPANION and MICROSOFT OFFICE QUICK REFERENCE POCKET GUIDE. For over 25 years, she has served integral roles in computer educational publishing as an editor, author and marketing manager. She holds a B.A. in English from The College of William and Mary.

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  • *NEW* FULLY UPDATED CONTENT PRESENTS TODAY’S MOST CURRENT COVERAGE OF KEY WEB DESIGN ISSUES. Readers examine user-driven connectivity and study information-sharing through social media, cloud computing, web linking, and more.

  • *NEW* COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS BOTH USER EXPERIENCE (UX) AND USER INTERFACE (UI) CONSIDERATIONS. This new emphasis now appears woven throughout text to reinforce the importance of developing user-centered websites.

  • *NEW* INTRODUCTION OF THE LATEST TOOLS AND APPS FOR WEB DESIGNERS PREPARES YOUR STUDENTS TO MAXIMIZE TODAY’S RESOURCES. Readers learn to fully utilize current content management systems, HTML editors, photo editing, and more.

  • *NEW* ADDITIONAL COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS TODAY’S WEBSITE ANALYTICS. Students learn how to measure, collect, analyze and record pertinent web data in order to better understand and optimize websites they develop.

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  • COVERAGE EMPHASIZES RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES. The author has integrated this focus on responsive design throughout the book’s content. The book also summarizes this approach in expanded format within a helpful Appendix.

  • USEFUL APPENDIX FOCUSES ON SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). This valuable content addresses SEO techniques and related concepts as well as career opportunities created by SEO.

  • HTML QUICK REFERENCE APPENDIX COVERS THE LATEST RELEASE OF HTML 5. You, the instructor, have the option of including or omitting this coverage as time permits in your course.

  • TOOLKIT FEATURE IN THE MARGIN DIRECTS STUDENTS TO RELEVANT, EXPANDED TECHNICAL CONTENT. Helpful information throughout the book’s Appendices build on in-text information and encourage further exploration and study.

  • Q&A FEATURES IN THE TEXT ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO TAKE THEIR LEARNING A STEP FURTHER. Students perform searches of their own to find the latest relevant information on web design techniques.

  • END-OF-CHAPTER TRENDS EXERCISES CHALLENGE STUDENTS TO APPLY NEW TECHNOLOGY AND WEB TRENDS. The author carefully presents these latest trends in the context of the evolution of web design with masterfully crafted pinpoint exercises.

  • NUMEROUS REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES AND UP-TO-DATE DESIGN TOOLS CLEARLY ILLUSTRATE BASIC CONCEPTS. Students master the key principles of strong web design with this edition’s helpful learning tools.

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