Essentials of Business Communication,
11th Edition

Mary Ellen Guffey, Dana Loewy

ISBN-13: 9781337386494
Copyright 2019 | Published
608 pages | List Price: USD $233.95

Ensure you are job-ready with the number one choice -- Guffey/Lowey's ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, 11E. In a time when writing and communication skills rank high on recruiters’ wish lists, this proven text helps you develop job-readiness for the 21st century. ESSENTIALS highlights best practices and strategies backed by leading-edge research to strengthen your professionalism, expert writing techniques, workplace digital savvy and résumé-building skills. Learn how writing is central to business success, regardless of the communication channel. ESSENTIALS discusses best practices for social media and mobile technology while refining your communication skills. Work with grammar exercises, documents for editing, and other practice tools in this four-in-one package with an authoritative text, practical workbook, grammar handbook and author-generated digital resources in MindTap.


1. Succeeding in the Social and Mobile Workplace.
2. Planning Business Messages.
3. Organizing and Drafting Business Messages.
4. Revising Business Messages.
5. Short Workplace Messages and Digital Media.
6. Positive and Neutral Messages.
7. Negative Messages.
8. Persuasive Messages.
9. Informal Reports.
10. Proposals and Formal Reports.
11. Professionalism at Work: Business Etiquette, Ethics, Teamwork, and Meetings.
12. Business Presentations.
13. The Job Search, Résumés, and Cover Messages.
14. Interviewing and Following Up.
Appendix A: Message Formats.
Appendix B: Documentation Formats.
Appendix C: Correction Symbols and Proofreading Marks.
Appendix D: Grammar/Mechanics Handbook [Including Confusing Words and 160 Frequently Misspelled Words].
Glossary (Available only within MindTap).

  • Mary Ellen Guffey

    A dedicated professional, Mary Ellen Guffey has taught business communication and business English topics for more than 40 years. She received a bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, from Bowling Green State University; a master’s degree from the University of Illinois; and a doctorate in business and economic education from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She has taught at the University of Illinois, Santa Monica College and Los Angeles Pierce College. Now recognized as the world’s leading business communication textbook author, Dr. Guffey is the founding author of three award-winning textbooks: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: PROCESS AND PRODUCT, ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, and BUSINESS ENGLISH. Each rigorously updated book continues to lead its market and, together, these books have helped hundreds of thousands of students around the world develop language skills. Dr. Guffey serves on the review boards of Business and Professional Communication Quarterly and the International Journal of Business Communication, publications of the Association for Business Communication. She participates in national meetings, sponsors business communication awards and is committed to promoting excellence in business communication pedagogy and the development of student writing as well as speaking skills.

  • Dana Loewy

    Dana Loewy taught business communication at California State University, Fullerton for two decades. She enjoyed introducing undergraduates to business writing and honing the skills of graduate students in managerial communication. Concurrently, she taught various German courses and was a regular guest lecturer at Fachhochschule Nürtingen, Germany. In addition to completing numerous brand-name consulting assignments, she is a business etiquette consultant certified by The Protocol School of Washington. She also occasionally advises businesses and nonprofit organizations in the United States and several European Union countries on strategic communication. Dr. Loewy holds a master’s degree from Bonn University, Germany, and earned a her doctorate degree in English from the University of Southern California. Fluent in several languages, among them German and Czech, her two native languages, Dr. Loewy has published various poetry and prose translations, most notably THE EARLY POETRY OF JAROSLAV SEIFERT and ON THE WAVES OF TSF. Before co-authoring books with Dr. Guffey, Dr. Loewy worked as a professional translator for 25 years, during which she produced subtitles for thousands of major feature films and videos. Active in the Association for Business Communication, Dr. Loewy focuses on creating effective teaching and learning materials for undergraduate and graduate business communication students.

  • STUDENTS LEARN TO APPLY UNIQUE, STRATEGIC, UPDATED WRITING PLANS WITH CONFIDENCE. Original business message writing plans, created by leading author Mary Ellen Guffey and expanded in this edition, provide efficient step-by-step instructions that enable learners to overcome fear and start writing quickly and confidently. This edition now offers ten sets of writing plans that address a variety of business situations. This signature learning tool is especially important for novice writers who lack business experience and composition training.

  • REVISED CHAPTER 13 HELPS STUDENTS FIND A JOB IN TODAY’S CHALLENGING JOB MARKET. Students examine the latest technologies and practices affecting today's job search, résumés, and cover letters. Timely revisions prepare students for a labor market that is more competitive, more social, more mobile, and more technology-dependent than ever before. Students learn how to network, employ current technologies, build their own brand, and prepare an effective LinkedIn profile. Annotated models guide them in creating résumés that appeal to both applicant tracking systems and human readers.

  • NEW AND PROVEN LEARNING FEATURES EMPHASIZE GRAMMAR AND WRITING FUNDAMENTALS. This edition's learning features help students review and rebuild vital basic grammar skills. In every chapter completely new Grammar/Mechanics Checkups systematically review the fundamentals and are keyed to the authoritative, streamlined Grammar/Mechanics Handbook. Editing Challenges and new Radical Rewrite exercises also provide opportunities for students to sharpen their grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and writing skills as they edit typical business documents.

  • THE LATEST CONTENT CLEARLY GUIDES STUDENTS IN TODAY'S WORKPLACE BEST PRACTICES. Most students arrive in the classroom with some work experience and technology skills, but many are unaware of what businesses expect of them when they use digital tools. This edition's comprehensive guidance directs students in the professional use of e-mail, texting, instant messaging, blogging, and social media. Students master best practices as insights clearly demonstrate how to avoid damaging their careers or hurting their employers’ reputation with careless online behavior.

  • STUDENTS PERFECT PROFESSIONALISM AS THEY STRENGTHEN TRAITS MOST VALUED IN BUSINESS TODAY WITH NEW EXERCISES AND EXHIBITS. This edition clearly demonstrates the power of positive workplace behavior and the importance of professionalism. Today's businesses pursue workers who exhibit strong communication skills and project positive attitudes -- team members who know how to work together to deliver positive results that boost profits and bolster the company’s image. Students discover how to perfect these highly desirable soft skills valued in today’s competitive, mobile, and social workplace.

  • STUDENTS DEVELOP THE EXPERT WRITING TECHNIQUES NEEDED IN TODAY'S DIGITAL WORKPLACE. Abundant before-and-after documents with descriptive callouts throughout this edition create a clear road map to guide students in perfecting the writing process. These documents demonstrate how to apply expert writing techniques while highlighting the critical significance of the revision process.

  • STUDENTS DEVELOP EFFECTIVE DIGITAL SKILLS. Regardless of the communication channel, writing proficiency is a must in a workplace dominated by mobile technology and social media. Technology and writing skills go hand in hand in today's professional environment of success. How-to instructions and best practices for today’s digital workplace in this edition emphasize both good writing and professionalism, because communicators and their skills are always under scrutiny. Students learn that credibility takes significant time to build but is easy to lose in an instant.

  • WRITE EXPERIENCE LETS STUDENTS IMPROVE WRITING AND CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. Cengage Learning's Write Experience gives your students the opportunity to improve writing and critical thinking skills without adding to your workload as the instructor. Write Experience utilizes artificial intelligence to not only score student writing instantly and accurately, but also provide students with detailed revision goals and feedback on their writing to help them improve.

  • USEFUL GRAMMAR/MECHANICS HANDBOOK PROVIDES QUICK REVIEW OF BASIC GRAMMAR AND MECHANICS. This brief Grammar/Mechanics Handbook at the end of the book offers a rapid, systematic review of the basics students need to succeed on the job. A Grammar/Mechanics Diagnostics quiz, Grammar/Mechanics Profile and a concise review of the basic principles of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and number style all help students prepare for business writing, regardless of the communication channel.

  • OFFICE INSIDERS DEMONSTRATE HOW COMMUNICATION SKILLS CAN LEAD TO JOB SUCCESS. Office Insiders provide behind-the-scenes insights that accentuate the importance of communication skills and demonstrate how excellent skills translate into career success.

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