Employment Law for Human Resource Practice,
6th Edition

David J. Walsh

ISBN-13: 9781337555326
Copyright 2019 | Published
816 pages | List Price: USD $312.95

Packed with cutting-edge cases and hands-on applications, Walsh's EMPLOYMENT LAW FOR HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICE, 6E explains the major issues and rules of employment law in understandable terms. You learn how laws impact your career, as a manager or employee. The text addresses legal issues for each stage of employment, from hiring and managing to firing. Current news stories, hypothetical situations, and real cases help you understand how legal concepts apply to the actual workplace. Each chapter ends with a summary of practical advice for managers. Coverage addresses the most important topics of employment law including the latest legislation, regulations and case law. You learn how to prevent discrimination and harassment, accommodate disabled employees, provide family and medical leave, comply with wage and hour laws, and avoid wrongful terminations and other common legal issues.


1. Overview of Employment Law.
2. The Employment Relationship.
3. Overview of Employment Discrimination.
4. Recruitment.
5. Background Checks, References, and Verifying Employment Eligibility.
6. Employment Testing.
7. Hiring and Promotion Decisions.
8. Harassment.
9. Reasonably Accommodating Disability and Religion.
10. Work-Life Conflicts and Other Diversity Issues.
11. Wages, Hours, and Pay Equity.
12. Benefits.
13. Unions and Collective Bargaining.
14. Occupational Safety and Health.
15. Privacy on the Job.
16. Terminating Individual Employees.
17. Downsizing and Post Termination Issues.

  • David J. Walsh

    David Walsh received his Ph.D. from the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University in 1991. He served on the faculty of the management department at Miami University from 1991-2020. His teaching and research focused in areas of employment law, labor relations and human resource management. In addition to this text, Dr. Walsh has written an airline labor relations book ON DIFFERENT PLANES (Cornell University ILR Press, 1994) and has contributed chapters to a number of edited volumes, including THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF STRIKES IN AMERICAN HISTORY (M.E. Sharpe, 2009). Dr. Walsh has also published articles in such journals as the Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, American Business Law Journal, Law & Society Review and the Industrial & Labor Relations Review.

  • STREAMLINED CHAPTER ORGANIZATION ENSURES READER-FRIENDLY APPROACH TO EMPLOYMENT LAW: The author has streamlined the organization of this edition, reducing the previous edition's 19 chapters to 17, while still retaining today's most important employment law topics related to human resources.

  • ALL-NEW "CLIPPINGS" FEATURE EMPHASIZES THE LATEST EMPLOYMENT LAW-RELATED HAPPENINGS: New "Clippings" features, added to each chapter, highlight recent news events that illustrate employment law and demonstrate legal concepts at work today.

  • NEW AND REVISED CASES OFFER MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO APPLY CONCEPTS: More than half of the cases in this edition are now replaced with new, timely cases that reflect the latest challenges in employment law. In addition, the author has increased the total number of excerpted cases in this edition.

  • NEW AND UPDATED END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS ENSURE STUDENT COMPREHENSION: Many of the questions appearing at the end of each chapter are new or revised to correspond with timely new issues and developments in today's employment law and human resource environment.

  • UNIQUE EMPLOYMENT LIFE CYCLE APPROACH TAKES STUDENTS THROUGH EACH STAGE OF THE EMPLOYMENT PROCESS: The author strategically organizes this edition's chapters to seamlessly correspond to human resource practices and functions, including hiring, managing, performance, and termination. This "hire-to-fire" approach provides an intuitive arc for students to follow that simulates what they may experience in their own career paths.

  • PRACTICAL FOCUS ILLUSTRATES THE RELEVANCE OF MATERIAL TO STUDENTS’ MANAGEMENT CAREERS: Students see how to apply legal concepts to business situations as the book uses recent cases, events, reports and "Clippings" to show how employment law relates to actual events. "Elements of a Claim" features outline how to use particular types of legal claims, while" Practical Implications of the Law" suggest how to conduct human resource activities lawfully. "The Changing Workplace" highlights the legal implications of recent changes in the workplace, human resource practices and the workforce.

  • CASE TREATMENT INTRODUCES A VARIETY OF CHALLENGING LEGAL SITUATIONS: Case selections include excerpts that retain the language of the court from leading court decisions in employment law. Each case provides a brief statement of the facts, the legal issue and the explanation of the decision maker's rationale.

  • ONLINE LEARNING TOOLS FURTHER ENSURE STUDENT COMPREHENSION: Helping students maximize their course success, the student companion website provides key terms and flashcards. In addition, this edition's instructor companion website contains a comprehensive instructor's manual, lecture PowerPoint® slides, and a test bank to assist in preparation and checking student understanding.

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