Gendered Lives,
13th Edition

Julia T. Wood, Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz

ISBN-13: 9781337555883
Copyright 2019 | Published
352 pages | List Price: USD $218.95

Packed with the latest research and emerging issues from the field, GENDERED LIVES: COMMUNICATION, GENDER, & CULTURE, 13th Edition, equips you with the knowledge and tools to think critically about gender and society. Written by leading gender communication scholars, the text offers a balanced perspective of masculinity and femininity as it demonstrates the multiple and often interactive ways your views of gender are shaped within contemporary culture. The 13th Edition offers expansive coverage of men's issues, an integrated emphasis on social media and a stronger focus on gender in the public sphere. Its current coverage and conversational, first-person writing styles make it an engaging introduction to the field!


Introduction. Opening the Conversation
1. The Study of Communication, Gender and Culture.
2. Theoretical Approaches to Gender Development.
3. The Rhetorical Shaping of Gender: Competing Images of Women.
4. The Rhetorical Shaping of Gender: Competing Images of Men.
5. Gendered Verbal Communication.
6. Gendered Nonverbal Communication.
7. Becoming Gendered.
8. Gendered Education: Communication in Schools.
9. Gendered Close Relationships.
10. Gendered Organizational Communication.
11. Gendered Media.
12. Gendered Power and Violence.

  • Julia T. Wood

    Julia Wood joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when she was 24. During her 37 years on the faculty, she taught classes and conducted research on personal relationships as well as gender, communication and culture. She was named the Lineberger Distinguished Professor of Humanities and the Caroline H. and Thomas S. Royster Distinguished Professor of Graduate Education. In addition to publishing 25 books and 100 articles and book chapters, she has presented more than 100 papers at professional conferences and campuses around the country. Her accolades include 14 awards honoring her teaching and 16 awards recognizing her scholarship. She received her B.A. from North Carolina State University, her M.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University.

  • Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz

  • UP-TO-THE-MINUTE COVERAGE. Reflecting the latest research and emerging developments, trends and issues from the field, the 13th Edition is packed with new topics. The new edition includes expanded coverage of men's and women's efforts to achieve work-life balance, transgender issues on campus and beyond, the Black Lives Matter movement, bullying in school settings, relationships between gender and health, workplace equity for low-wage workers, reproductive violence, social media and much more.

  • CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH. Understandings of gender and issues connected to it change at lightning speed, so more than 275 new references have been incorporated into this edition to ensure its currency and relevancy.

  • ENHANCED COVERAGE OF MEN'S ISSUES. More research on men has emerged and is reflected in this edition's increased attention to men's issues. For example, Chapter 9 highlights men's investment in fatherhood, while Chapter 10 explores the conflict between work and family that many men experience.

  • One of the signature features of GENDERED LIVES: COMMUNICATION, GENDER, AND CULTURE is its balanced presentation of men's and women's communication issues. The text offers unparalleled coverage of such key topics as men's movements; initiatives like the Good Man Project; men's friendships; father/child relationships, including single dads; and women's issues concerning family, career and balance.

  • Coverage of the role of technology in communication -- including the increasing use of social media -- is integrated throughout the text and includes insightful discussion of the effects of technology on gender communication as well as the connections between gender and media.

  • Chapter-opening "Knowledge Challenge" questions spotlight commonly misunderstood issues that are covered in the chapter. These questions help students identify their assumptions about gender, communication and culture before they begin the chapter.

  • Student commentaries throughout the text vividly illustrate how students relate to gender communication issues, giving learners insight from their peers.

  • "Exploring Gendered Lives" boxes provide research, current events and myths for students to delve into. The exercises conclude with "Take a Stand" questions that prompt students to think about their response to the issues covered in the feature.

  • Encouraging students to go deeper with text concepts, chapters conclude with questions for further reflection and discussion. These thought-provoking questions can be assigned for students to think about or to respond to in journal entries, and they make excellent prompts for lively class discussion.

  • "Gender Online" features invite students to visit websites related to chapter content as well as search for relevant videos and information about concepts and ideas discussed in the chapter.

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