Today's Technician,
7th Edition

Barry Hollembeak

ISBN-13: 9781337618991
Copyright 2019 | Published
848 pages | List Price: USD $137.95

Whether you’re an aspiring automotive professional, preparing for ASE certification, or already working in the field, TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICITY & ELECTRONICS, Seventh Edition, will equip you to confidently understand, diagnose, and repair electrical and electronic systems in today's automobiles. The text’s unique two-volume approach helps you make the most of your time in both the classroom and the auto shop. The first volume (Classroom Manual) covers the theory and application of electricity, electronics, and circuitry in modern automobiles, while the second (Shop Manual) focuses on real-world symptoms, diagnostics, and repair information. In addition to comprehensive coverage, accurate and up-to-date technical information, and hundreds of detailed color illustrations and photographs, the Seventh Edition features extensive updates with information on new and emerging technologies and techniques. Highlights include coverage of telematic systems, LED and adaptive lighting, hybrid and electric vehicles, stop/start technology, lane departure warning, self-park systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other modern accessory systems. The new edition aligns to the 2017 ASE Education Foundation accreditation requirements and includes job sheets correlated to all MLR, AST, and MAST tasks.


Classroom Manual.
1. Introduction to Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems.
2. Basic Theories.
3. Electrical and Electronic Components.
4. Wiring and Circuit Diagrams.
5. Automotive Batteries.
6. Starting Systems and Motor Designs.
7. Charging Systems.
8. Introduction to The Body Computer.
9. Computer Inputs.
10. Vehicle Communication Networks.
11. Lighting Circuits.
12. Instrumentation and Warning Lamps.
13. Accessories.
14. Radio Frequency and Infotainment Systems.
15. Passive Restraint and Vehicle Safety Systems.
16. Vehicles with Alternative Power Sources.
Glossary of Terms.

Shop Manual.
1. Safety.
2. Special Tools and Procedures.
3. Basic Electrical Troubleshooting and Service.
4. Wiring Repair and Reading Circuit Diagrams.
5. Battery Diagnosis and Service.
6. Starting System Diagnosis and Service.
7. Charging System Testing and Service.
8. Body Computer System Diagnosis.
9. Sensor Diagnostic Routines.
10. Vehicle Multiplexing Diagnostics.
11. Lighting Circuits Repair and Diagnosis.
12. Instrumentation and Warning Lamp System Diagnosis and Repair.
13. Electrical Accessories Diagnosis and Repair.
14. Servicing Radio Frequency and Infotainment Systems.
15. Servicing Passive Restraint and Vehicle Safety Systems.
16. Hybrid and High-Voltage System Service.
Appendix A: ASE Practice Examination.
Appendix B: Metric Conversions.
Appendix C: Electrical and Electronic Special Tool Suppliers.
Glossary of Terms.

  • Barry Hollembeak

    Barry Hollembeak has been involved in the automotive repair industry for more than 40 years and has provided technical training to dealership technicians for 20 years. Mr. Hollembeak entered the automotive technology field in 1974 as a service technician, working in both fleet and independent repair shops before opening his own repair facility. After selling his business and retiring as a technician, he became an instructor and author, teaching automotive technology at the post-secondary level for five years and serving as director of education for two years. Mr. Hollembeak then entered manufacturer training. He currently owns his own training development company, which provides both written training materials and eLearning courses to the aftermarket automotive repair industry. Mr. Hollembeak is a Master and Advanced Engine Performance Certified Technician with ASE; serves as an advisory board member for Arapahoe Community College’s automotive technology program; and is involved with the College Automotive Program, AYES, and SkillsUSA. Mr. Hollembeak has been a guest speaker for NATEF, CATS, and several other organizations.

  • The Seventh Edition features extensive updates reflecting new and emerging technology and service techniques, including material on electrical and electronic controlled systems, telematic systems, LED and adaptive lighting systems, and advanced vehicle safety systems.

  • Content in both volumes now aligns with ASE Education Foundation’s 2017 Automobile Program Standards for Electrical and Electronic Systems, and updated job sheets provide full coverage of MLR, AST, and MAST tasks.

  • The text, photos, and illustrations in the Seventh Edition have been updated throughout to highlight the latest developments in automotive technology, providing useful and current real-world references to help readers apply what they learn in a modern repair setting.

  • Hybrid vehicle information is integrated wherever it is most relevant in the main text. For example, coverage of HEV batteries and ultra-capacitors appears in the batteries chapter; the chapter on starting systems and motor design includes AC motor principles and operation of the integrated starter/generator; and the chapter on charging systems discusses the HEV charging system, regenerative braking, and the DC/DC converter.

  • This comprehensive, versatile text is ideal for both classroom and hands-on learning, with a dedicated Classroom Manual covering theory and application of electricity and electronics in an automotive systems context, and a separate Shop Manual focused on real-world service, diagnosis, and repair procedures.

  • The text includes a full ASE practice exam, providing ideal preparation for students and professionals alike interested in pursuing ASE certification, as well as a reliable, up-to-date reference for today's technicians.

  • Detailed information on increasingly common technology--such as telematic systems, advanced lighting systems, advanced vehicle safety systems, hybrid and electric vehicles, and accessory systems—prepares readers for a seamless and successful transition from the classroom to the professional repair shop.

  • A full chapter on shop safety highlights safe work habits to reinforce the importance of consistent safety practices and familiarize readers with standards and procedures they are likely to encounter in today's service and repair operations.

  • Review questions and job sheets help readers review chapter material, assess and apply their understanding of key concepts and procedures, and identify any areas that need additional reinforcement.

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