Heavy Duty Truck Systems,
7th Edition

Sean Bennett

ISBN-13: 9781337787109
Copyright 2020 | Published
1344 pages | List Price: USD $167.95

Prepare for your future career with HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SYSTEMS, Seventh Edition! This comprehensive, best-selling guide will help you gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to service medium- and heavy-duty trucks. You’ll build a strong foundation in electricity and electronics, powertrain, steering and suspension, brakes, and accessories systems, as well as mastering practical topics like servicing, safety, tools, and preventive maintenance. You'll also benefit from full coverage of the latest ASE Education Foundation IMMR/TST/MST competencies and the latest truck technology, including J1939 updates and access tools, lock-out tag-out compliance, expanded PicoScope coverage, DIN wiring schematic navigation, and the five levels of semi- and fully autonomous trucks. With extensive review questions, over 1800 full-color photos and illustrations, and a standalone workbook with ASE Education Foundation task-oriented job sheets, this proven text is the perfect choice to prepare you for professional success.


1. Introduction to Servicing Heavy-Duty Trucks.
2. Shop Safety and Operations.
3. Tools and Fasteners.
4. Maintenance.
5. Fundamentals of Electricity.
6. Fundamentals of Electronics and Computers.
7. Batteries.
8. Charging Systems.
9. Cranking Systems.
10. Chassis Electrical Circuits.
11. Diagnosis and Repair of Electronic Circuits.
12. Multiplexing.
13. Hydraulics Fundamentals.
14. Clutches.
15. Standard Transmissions.
16. Standard Transmission Servicing.
17. Torque Converters.
18. Automatic Transmissions.
19. Automatic Transmission Maintenance.
20. Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs) and Hybrids.
21. Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmissions (ECATs).
22. Driveshaft Assemblies.
23. Heavy-Duty Truck Axles.
24. Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Service and Repair.
25. Steering and Alignment.
26. Suspension Systems.
27. Wheels and Tires.
28. Truck Brake Systems.
29. Hydraulic and Air-over-Hydraulic Braking Systems.
30. ABS and EBS Braking Systems.
31. Air Brake Servicing.
32. Vehicle Chassis Frame.
33. Heavy-Duty Truck Trailers.
34. Fifth Wheels and Coupling Systems.
35. Heavy-Duty HVAC systems.

  • Sean Bennett

    Sean Bennett is a former program coordinator for the Truck and Diesel Department at Centennial College, as well as a former corporate trainer for Mack Trucks. During a 20-year tenure at the college he authored new curricula, helped overhaul existing course offerings and chaired a wide range of curriculum development committees for the Province of Ontario. Mr. Bennett has written more than 30 books dealing with diesel, truck, heavy equipment and automotive technology, and he currently devotes his career to technical writing and speaking engagements. He is an active member of the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council, the Association of Diesel Specialists, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the North American Council of Automotive Teachers. He is widely regarded as the foremost author in commercial vehicle technology.

  • The new edition details Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) requirements related to lockout tagout (LOTO) procedures for truck service facilities, providing useful grounding in these important safety practices.

  • The author has added detailed coverage of the American Trucking Associations' Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS), giving students valuable exposure to important industry standards for code interpretation, condition-based maintenance (CBM), and prognostics telematics and maintenance.

  • The Seventh Edition includes new and updated material on current service techniques and technology, including guidelines for DIN wiring schematic interpretation, maintenance procedures and hardware changes for new A/C refrigerant R-1234yf (medium duty) systems, and use of digital oscilloscopes for electrical, electronic, and data bus analyses with PicoScope software as a primary reference.

  • Providing useful perspective on practical issues today's service technicians often encounter, the text explores the impact of electronic logging device (ELD) compliance and related service facility protocols.

  • The new edition includes up-to-date information on the latest technical advances, including cutting-edge wheel-end technology like intelligent wheel hubs (SmartHub) and dynamic wheel balancing systems, the five levels of semi- and fully autonomous trucks, and all-electric powertrains currently being introduced by the trucking industry.

  • Preparing students for lasting professional success, the author strongly emphasizes workplace safety--including concepts, standards, and best practices--throughout the text.

  • The text's end-to-end coverage includes a thorough introduction to truck chassis subsystems using a systems approach, as well as chapters or sections dedicated to electricity, electronics, multiplexing, hydraulics, drivetrain systems, and brake systems.

  • Detailed coverage of key truck components includes material on trailers, trailer coupling, and repair technology, as well as the new R-1234yf refrigerant being adopted in medium-duty trucks.

  • To help students master essential industry terminology and standards, the text features the most comprehensive glossary of any trucking book on the market, standard-to-metric values (with metric in brackets) integrated in chapter content, and abundant references to CVSA and FMVSS compliance.

  • A robust suite of instructor and student resources is available to accompany the text, including a comprehensive test bank, PowerPoint® slides for every chapter, 58 videos covering basic service procedures (via MindTap), a Student Workbook, and more.

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