Today's Technician,
7th Edition

Jack Erjavec, Ken Pickerill

ISBN-13: 9781337792158
Copyright 2020 | Published
1040 pages | List Price: USD $137.95

TODAY"S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS AND TRANSAXLES CLASSROOM MANUAL AND SHOP MANUAL, Seventh Edition. This proven resource includes practical, easy-to-understand coverage of topics aligned to the latest ASE Education Foundation standards for the MLR/AST/MAST program accreditation levels, including continuously variable transmissions (CVT), drivelines for front-wheel drive (FWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, and the latest information on today's high-tech electronic controls and automatic shifting devices. The Classroom Manual provides easy-to-understand coverage of every applicable ASE Education Foundation standard, while the Shop Manual includes Job Sheets to guide you through hands-on service and repair tasks. Written with the needs of current and aspiring technicians in mind, this trusted text will help you master the design, construction, troubleshooting techniques, and procedures necessary for a successful industry career.


Classroom Manual.
1. Drive Train Basics.
2. Drive Train Theory.
3. General Theories of Operation.
4. Transmission Electronics.
5. Transmission Designs.
6. Torque Converters and Oil Pumps.
7. Hydraulic and Electronic Controls.
8. Gears and Shafts.
9. Reaction and Friction Units.
10. Common Automatic Transmissions.

Shop Manual.
1. Safety.
2. Special Tools and Procedures.
3. Diagnosis, Maintenance, and Basic Adjustments.
4. Electrical and Electronic System Diagnosis and Service.
5. Rebuilding Transmissions.
6. Torque Converter and Oil Pump Service.
7. General Hydraulic System Service.
8. Gear and Shaft Service.
9. Friction and Reaction Unit Service.
10. Rebuilding Common Transmissions.
Appendix A: ASE Practice Examination.
Appendix B: Automatic Transmission Special Tool Suppliers.
Appendix C: Metric Conversions.

  • Jack Erjavec

    Jack Erjavec has become a fixture in the automotive textbook publishing world. He has decades of experience as a technician, educator, author and editor, and he has authored or co-authored more than 30 automotive textbooks and training manuals. Erjavec holds a master's degree in vocational and technical education from The Ohio State University, and he spent 20 years at Columbus State Community College as an instructor and administrator. A long-time affiliate of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), he also served as executive vice-president for the organization and spent several years on its board of directors. Erjavec is also associated with ATMC, SAE, ASA, ATRA, AERA and other automotive professional associations.

  • Ken Pickerill

    Ken Pickerill is a Certified Master Automotive Technician (with ASE Area L1 and X1) and an instructor at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Mr. Pickerill was a technician for 22 years before entering the training field, and he has more than 40 years of technical and teaching experience. He received his M.S. degree in career and technical education from Indiana State University.

  • The Seventh Edition includes expanded coverage of the latest transmissions, and information on many older and less relevant units has been reduced or removed.

  • New transmissions are emphasized in the teardown and rebuilding section of the Shop Manual, offering valuable hands-on experience with models students are likely to encounter in their careers.

  • Job Sheets have been updated to align with the latest ASE Education Foundation tasks for the MLR, AST, and MAST program accreditation levels.

  • The authors have carefully reviewed and updated chapter objectives to ensure a close match with chapter content, so students can focus their efforts with confidence.

  • Many new end-of-chapter questions have been added to build on updated content and chapter objectives, instructors can access detailed rejoinder information through the free online supplement.

  • In addition to updates throughout the text to keep pace with recent technology advances and industry developments, the Seventh Edition features additional DTC coverage and a revised ASE practice test.

  • Job Sheets in the Shop Manual provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to common service procedures, allowing students to gain practical, hands-on experience.

  • A comprehensive Spanish/English glossary and inclusion of J11930 terminology help students master key terms, concepts, and skills they will need to succeed as professional technicians in today's industry.

  • Each chapter ends with a Summary and Review Questions to help students gauge their mastery of the content and identify any areas where additional support is needed.

  • The text includes numerous features to help students prepare for the ASE student certification test, including ASE-Style Review Questions and ASE Challenge Questions in the Shop Manual and an ASE Practice Text in the Appendix. In addition, the Instructor's Guide provides detailed rejoinder information on these questions.

  • Based on decades of industry experience, the authors have provided the most complete and up-to-date information on automatic transmission theory, diagnosis, and repair available in a single source.

  • Extensive illustrations and step-by-step photo sequences are included for all major automatic transmission repair procedures and to help promote professional work practices.

  • The text includes extensive information to help students master the rebuilding and design of most major transmissions from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan.

  • To help students prepare for success on the job servicing today's advances transmissions, the text includes coverage of hybrid vehicle transmission designs, the Lepelletier gear setup, power split units, multiple continuously variable transmission (CVT) designs, and electronic control systems.

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