The Complete Paralegal Certification Handbook,
5th Edition

Virginia Koerselman Newman

ISBN-13: 9781337798877
Copyright 2021 | Published
816 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

Prepare for success on any of the top three paralegal certification exams with the only comprehensive review handbook specifically designed to help new or experienced paralegal professionals earn certification. Koerselman Newman's THE COMPLETE PARALEGAL CERTIFICATION HANDBOOK, 5E equips you to take certification exams from the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), National Association of Legal Secretaries and Legal Professionals (NALS), or National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). You learn from an experienced author and attorney who applies years of teaching and professional experience to help you achieve certification goals. New side-by-side comparisons present areas of paralegal practice that are tested with details of eligibility, application and testing requirements, and essential content for each exam. Three new chapters focus on the latest developments in interviewing, estate planning and probate, and tort law. New examples, outlines, practice tests, and testing tips help refine your skills for certification testing and career success.


1. Communication.
2. Human Relations and Interviewing.
3. Ethics.
4. Judgment and Analytical Ability.
5. Legal Research.
6. American Legal System
7. Administrative Law.
8. Business Organizations.
9. Contract Law.
10. Criminal Law.
12. Estate Planning and Probate.
13. Family Law.
14. Litigation.
15. Real Estate Law.
16. Tort Law
Self-Test Answer Key.

  • Virginia Koerselman Newman

    Author Virginia Koerselman Newman, J.D. brings an exceptional blend of professional knowledge and teaching experience to this trusted exam preparation manual. Ms. Koerselman Newman was a successful practicing attorney for 26 years and a paralegal program director and instructor at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska for 22 years. She operates VKN Law Publications near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she continues to teach as well as to write about paralegal topics both in published columns and articles. The author of several popular books on law, Ms. Koerselman Newman is also a frequently sought-out speaker at law conventions and professional seminars. She is an active member of many professional organizations. In this book Ms. Koerselman Newman combines her extensive experience as a practicing attorney with decades of teaching experience and more than 15 years of experience with the workings of a certification exam to present an unmatched overview of the paralegal certification processes.

  • NEW SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON DETAILS REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH EXAM. New easy-to-reference material details the areas of paralegal practice and essential content that are tested in each exam. The author also includes the latest eligibility, application, and testing requirements for each association’s certification exam.

  • THREE NEW CHAPTERS ADDRESS IMPORTANT CONTENT FOR CERTIFICATION. New chapters in this edition introduce students to important aspects of interviewing, estate planning and probate, and tort law.

  • THE LATEST EXAMPLES AND NEW, QUICK-REFERENCE STUDY TOOLS GUIDE STUDENTS IN BEST PRACTICES AND EFFICIENT REVIEW. New examples, detailed outlines, practice tests, proven exam tips, and insights mirror the latest changes in today's paralegal certification exams.




  • THIS EDITION OFFERS THE ONLY COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW THAT COVERS CONTENT FROM NFPA, NALA, and NALS CERTIFICATION EXAMS. Prepared by an experienced attorney and paralegal instructor, this edition's content is ideal for both professionals and students. As a complete preparation tool for national certification examinations, this handbook builds upon the author’s many years of first-hand experience working with those who create, monitor, and evaluate the field's professional certification programs.

  • WELL-ORGANIZED, THOROUGH APPROACH MIRRORS THE CERTIFICATION EXAM STRUCTURE. This edition carefully describes the three examinations offered by each of the national paralegal associations that certify individuals by written examination. The author reviews the exams in detail, addressing testing requirements, test-taking techniques, policies, and grading. The handbook then dedicates a separate chapter for each specific content area of the exams, including communication, interviewing, litigation, legal analysis, and areas of substantive law.

  • PROVEN LEARNING TOOLS AND CLEAR WRITING STYLE ENSURE EFFICIENT TEST PREPARATION. Solid pedagogical tools, shaped by feedback from experienced academic instructors like you, further ensure this edition's effective approach. Extensive outlines summarize the law with illustrative examples and questions that offer explanatory answers. Quick-reference charts further enable instant review.

  • EXPANDED COVERAGE DETAILS PERTINENT CHANGES, CODES, AND RULES WITHOUT EXTRANEOUS INFORMATION. Readers find the latest and most complete information on today's most recent paralegal issues, including changes in applicable rules of procedure, evidence, and ethics standards. In addition, this edition addresses the pertinent rule changes under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, real estate conveyancing, and modifications in estate planning rules, and the Uniform Probate Code.

  • USEFUL SELF-TESTS PROVIDE REAL PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES FOR CERTIFICATION EXAMS. Updated Practice Tests at the end of each chapter replicate questions typical of the format and content of today's paralegal certification exams. These practice tests ensure students receive opportunities for critical practice.

  • VALUABLE STUDY TIPS AND TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO TESTING SUCCESS. Readers can apply a wealth of proven study tips and test-taking strategies as they prepare for and take their respective paralegal certification examinations.

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