Statistics for Management and Economics,
2nd Edition

Gerald Keller, Nicoleta Gaciu

ISBN-13: 9781473768260
Copyright 2020 | Published
784 pages | List Price: USD $78.00


About the Authors
Key Features
1 What is statistics?
2 Graphical descriptive techniques I
3 Graphical descriptive techniques II
4 Numerical Descriptive Techniques
5 Data collection and sampling
6 Probability
7 Random variables and discrete probability distributions
8 Continuous probability distributions
9 Sampling distributions
10 Introduction to estimation
11 Introduction to hypothesis testing
12 Inference about a population
13 Inference about comparing two populations
14 Analysis of variance
15 Chi-squared tests
16 Simple linear regression and correlation
17 Multiple regression
18 Model building
19 Non-parametric statistics
20 Time series analysis and forecasting
21 Statistical process control
22 Decision analysis
23 Conclusion
Appendix A

  • Gerald Keller

    Gerald Keller is emeritus professor of business at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he taught statistics, management science and operations management from 1974 to 2011.

  • Nicoleta Gaciu

    Dr Nicoleta Gaciu is Senior Lecturer in Education at Oxford Brookes University and she has worked as a senior consultant within the finance world. She is currently teaching Research Methods, Statistics and AI in Education. Nicoleta is a member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP), Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and Convenor for BERA Science Education SIG.

  • Fully revised and updated from an international perspective, this edition includes exercises and examples from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It also provides completely new data sets to use with these exercises.

  • Data from the last eight General Social Surveys and the last four Surveys of Consumer Finances (US) have been included with many more exercises. Students will have the opportunity to convert real data into information. Instructors can use these data sets to create hundreds of additional examples and exercises.

  • The text has been closely modelled on the successful US edition to present an updated, accessible text, with content tailored specifically to meet course requirements.

  • The Europe, Middle East and Africa edition features a modern, user-friendly text design.

  • The title is now available as a brand-new MindTap, featuring practice assignments, critical thinking questions, visual step-by-step tutorials, videos and MS Excel online tutorials as well as graded assessments.

  • Keller's three-step approach to problem-solving teaches students how to identify the correct technique for a problem, compute the statistics and how to interpret the results meaningfully.

  • The emphasis on identification and interpretation provides students with practical skills they can apply to real problems.

  • Accompanying data (General Social Surveys, Surveys of Consumer Finances and ESS) give students the opportunity to convert real data into information.

  • Computer-based examples allow students to practise with larger and more realistic exercises and examples.

  • This title is available with MindTap, a flexible online learning solution that lecturers can customize to suit their specific course needs, and which provides students with all the tools they need to succeed. These include You Decide questions, multiple-choice questions, critical thinking questions, videos and Excel problems.

  • A fully updated companion website is available with Solutions Manual, PowerPoint slides, Excel data sets and additional appendices.

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