International Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation,
9th Edition

Isobel Doole, Robin Lowe, Alexandra Kenyon

ISBN-13: 9781473778696
Copyright 2022 | Published
496 pages | List Price: USD $75.50


Part I. Analysis 1
1. An introduction to international marketing
2. The world trading environment
3. Social and cultural considerations in international marketing
4. International marketing research and opportunity analysis
Part 1. Directed Study Activity: International marketing planning: analysis

Part II. Strategy Development
5. International niche marketing strategies for small- and medium-sized enterprises
6. Global strategies
7. Market entry strategies
8. International product and service management
Part 2. Directed Study Activity: International marketing planning: strategy development

Part III. Implementation
9. International communications
10. The management of international distribution and logistics
11. Pricing for international markets
12. Strategic planning in technology-driven international markets
Part 3. Directed Study Activity: International marketing planning: implementation, control and evaluation

  • Isobel Doole

    Isobel Doole is an Emeritus Professor of International Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University and previously Dean of Sheffield Business School. She is an experienced marketing professional and senior academic in international marketing and in the international competitiveness of small firms. She has built an international reputation through her academic research and a number of highly successful textbooks. In her career she has worked with a range of companies from those with major international operations to small local exporters. She has also acted as an expert adviser on governmental committees.

  • Robin Lowe

    Robin Lowe is a Marketing and Management Consultant. Through his research, consultancy and policy development work in international trade, innovation and entrepreneurship, Robin has made a major contribution to government policy and business support. He also has considerable experience of consulting and training with multinationals around the world, including IBM, Microsoft, AstraZeneca, Renault Nissan, Huawei and Batelco. He is the joint author of several bestselling texts in international marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Alexandra Kenyon

    Alexandra Kenyon is a Course Director in Hospitality Management in the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality at Leeds Beckett University. Alexandra was an FP7 European Commission Expert Evaluator and is on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Advertising Research. Alexandra also has knowledge and experience of empirical research and evaluation of matter congruent with the meetings and events industry and social media marketing for MPI Dallas, US, economic impact studies for the Tour de Yorkshire and social policy research for Leeds City Council of problem and at-risk gamblers following the opening of a large casino in Leeds City Centre.

  • New for this edition, MindTap, a flexible online learning solution that provides your students with all the tools they need to succeed, including an interactive eReader, video cases, case studies, essay questions and assessments, together with analytics to help you track their progress.

  • Strengthened socio-cultural content throughout the text reflects the importance of inclusivity and diversity in areas including communication strategies where it is critical that managers are mindful of social movements such as #MeToo, #TimeUp and BLM.

  • Increased focus on sustainability, especially in cases and examples, reflecting changes occurring in the real world.

  • Updated content throughout including how COVID-19 has affected SMEs as well as MNEs and driven digital transformation, with a lasting impact on strategy.

  • A fully updated companion website is available with guidance for tutors in the form of instructor manuals and PowerPoint slides, as well as case studies with questions and answers, internet exercises and a Cognero test bank of questions.

  • A Cognero test bank with a huge range of questions including multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer and new 'scenario based' questions to allow students to experience marketing problems from a real-world standpoint.

  • Contemporary examples of ‘born globals’ and the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) show how companies are working to counteract growing global risks and enrich students’ understanding of challenges that lie ahead.

  • Excellent coverage of cross-cultural elements ensures students are aware of how cultural divides create pitfalls for the international marketer.

  • New stimulating cases and illustrations draw on a range of organizations, locations and industries carefully selected to bring critical issues to life and feed classroom discussions.

  • Management challenges place students in the real world providing them with the opportunity to test the application of their knowledge and learning in a range of practical examples.

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