The Audit Process,
8th Edition

Iain Gray, Stuart Manson, Louise Crawford, Lynn Bradley, Lynn Currie

ISBN-13: 9781473786929
Copyright 2024 | Published
896 pages | List Price: USD $73.00


1. Why are auditors needed?
2. An overview of the postulates and concepts of auditing
3. Auditor independence
4. Audit regulation
5. An introduction to corporate governance
6. Risk
7. Evidence
8. Systems work basic ideas
9. Testing and evaluation of systems
10. Substantive testing, CAAT and audit programmes
11. Sampling and materiality
12. Final work: general principles and analytical review of financial statements, and management assertions on financial statement heading
13. Final work: non-current assets, trade receivables and financial assets
14. Final work: specific problems relating to inventories, construction contracts, trade payables and financial liabilities
15. Final review: post balance sheet period, provisions, contingencies, letter of rep.
16. Assurance engagements and internal audit
17. The Audit Report, including reporting on corporate governance
18. Fraud and going concern
19. The audit expectations gap and audit quality
20. The auditor and liability under the law
21. Disruptive technologies

  • Iain Gray

    Iain Gray acquired extensive practical auditing experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Germany and Italy. He was for many years Principal Lecturer and Head of Auditing at Sheffield Hallam University and is formerly Chair of the Auditing Special Interest Group of the British Accounting and Finance Association.

  • Stuart Manson

    Stuart Manson is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. He is presently a Professor of Accounting in Essex Business School at the University of Essex where he lectures on auditing and financial reporting. He has written a number of articles in academic journals and co-authored a number of research monographs in the areas of auditing and financial reporting.

  • Louise Crawford

    Professor of Accounting, Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University

  • Lynn Bradley

    Lynn Bradley is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting in the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. She originally trained as an auditor with the National Audit Office and is currently an audit committee chair of two bodies. Lynn is a member of ICAS and a member of the ICAS Audit & Assurance Panel and the ICAS Test of Professional Expertise Panel.

  • Lynn Currie

    Lynn Currie is a Lecturer in Accounting at the University of Glasgow. Lynn trained in audit at KPMG and subsequently worked in the audit learning departments at KPMG and PWC. Lynn is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland (ICAS) and a member of the ICAS Qualifications Board.

  • Updated terminology enforces the link between the text and auditing standards.

  • A new chapter on disruptive technologies (technology, data analytics, AI, remote auditing, ESG auditing, etc.) introduces learners to the rapidly changing technology supporting the audit process.

  • Extended coverage on the audit reform and fraud/audit regulations explains the key role of the profession.

  • New and updated questions, activities, margin notes and end-of-chapter questions ingrain new principles and concepts.

  • Numerous activities and discussion topics shape critical thinking and the audit mindset.

  • Detailed coverage on corporate governance, audit quality and professional ethics covering basics as well as a detailed discussion of auditing codes demystifies the role the profession in today’s society.

  • Engaging case studies including tips and tricks illustrate the various stages of the audit process.

  • Detailed end-of-chapter questions support students in their exam preparation.

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