China's Rural Revival Strategy,
1st Edition

Fengtian Zheng

ISBN-13: 9789814915106
Copyright 2022 | Published
236 pages | List Price: USD $150.00

With a large rural population, China is faced with various issues concerning its countryside, farmers, and agriculture. How can the country improve the economy and quality of life in its rural areas? How can it protect the rural environment and ensure food security? These are some of the major questions that the Chinese government has to address. In response to these questions, President Xi Jinping proposed seven approaches to rural revival at the 2017 Central Rural Work Conference. In the following year, he made a call for governments at all levels to revitalize the rural industries, talent, culture, ecology, and grassroots Party organizations. These approaches and the call constitute the core of China’s rural revival strategy. In this book, the author offers a rich analysis of the background, implications, and implementation of this strategy for the global audience.


Part One The Background and Significance of Implementing the Rural Revival Strategy
Chapter 1 The Implications and Value of Xi Jinping’s Expositions on Rural Revival
Part Two The Six Approaches to Rural Revival
Chapter 2 Promoting Integrated Rural–Urban Development
Chapter 3 Consolidating and Improving the Basic Rural Operation System and Seeking Common Prosperity
Chapter 4 Revitalizing Agriculture through Supply-Side Structural Reform and High-Quality Development
Chapter 5 Promoting Green Development in Rural Areas
Chapter 6 Building a Vibrant Rural Culture
Chapter 7 Innovating the Rural Governance System and Implementing Good Rural Governance
Part Three Revitalizing Rural Industries, Talent, and Grassroots Party Organizations
Chapter 8 Revitalizing Rural Industries
Chapter 9 Revitalizing Rural Talent
Chapter 10 Revitalizing the Rural Grassroots Party Organizations



  • Fengtian Zheng

    Zheng Fengtian holds a PhD in Economics and is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China. He has presided over two major national social science projects, five projects sponsored by the National Social Science Fund of China, three projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and many others supported by various funds at national, ministerial, or municipal levels. He is the author of two monographs and over 190 journal articles. His main areas of research include issues concerning agriculture, rural areas, and farmers; food security; industrial clusters and entrepreneurship in rural areas; and the relationship between enterprises and the environment.

  • Analyzes the origin, main contents, significance, and implementation of China’s rural revival strategy

  • Explains various agricultural policies promulgated by the Chinese government

  • Contains rich data on China’s rural development over the past 70 years

  • Discusses the pressing challenges facing China’s agricultural development

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