Python Programming for Engineers and Scientists,
1st Edition

Cengage Cengage

ISBN-13: 9798214002446
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Cengage's PYTHON PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS, 1st Edition, uses an easygoing, conversational writing style along with numerous visual aids to introduce programming and problem-solving to students of all backgrounds. This edition is designed so that the program examples gradually transition from simple snippets to realistic applications. These applications include graphics, graphical user interfaces, data visualization, event-driven programming, image processing, image manipulation and network communications.


1. Introduction.
2. Software Development, Data Types, and Expressions.
3. Loops and Selection Statements.
4. Strings and Text Files.
5. Lists and Dictionaries.
6. Design with Functions.
7. Design with Recursion.
8. Simple Graphics and Image Processing.
9. Graphical User Interfaces.
10. Design with Classes.
11. Data Analysis and Visualization.
12. Multithreading, Networks, and Client/Server Programming.
13. Searching, Sorting, and Complexity Analysis.
Appendix A. Python Resources.
Appendix B. Installing the images and breezypythongui Libraries.
Appendix C. The API for Image Processing.
Appendix D. Transition from Python to Java and C++.
Appendix E. Suggestions for Further Reading.

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  • Lab assignments are included at the end of each chapter. The group of activities found at the end of each chapter will build a number of skills useful in the engineering and science fields. From building and using methods, to branching logic, iteration, searching, sorting and filtering, common application development skills with Python, and potentially with other languages, will be developed.

  • Within MindTap is an IDE containing a code editor, a compiler or interpreter, and a debugger, accessed through a single graphical user interface (GUI), where the student/user has access to complete the new Lab Assignments at the end of each chapter by writing and editing source code in the code editor.

  • A list of key terms is featured in each chapter. When a technical term is introduced in the text, it appears in boldface type. The list of terms appears after the chapter summary. Definitions of the key terms are provided in the glossary.

  • The text was written with a focus on readability. Each chapter begins with a set of learning objectives that describe the skills and concepts students will acquire from a careful reading of the chapter.

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