The Business of Child Care,
4th Edition

Karen Kearns

ISBN-13: 9780170376662 | ISBN-10: 0170376664

Copyright 2017

| Published 2017

| 352 pages

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The management of an early childhood education and care service is challenging for educators who assume the role of manager. The role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities such as workplace health and safety, human resource management, strategic planning, financial and resource management, and sustainability. Importantly, it also includes ensuring compliance with legislative requirements such as the regulations for early childhood education and care services, which also now include compliance with the National Quality Standards. This edition has been written to support training and delivery of CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

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Meet the Authors

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Karen Kearns Grad. Dip. Ed (Spec. Ed.), B Ed. (ECE), M Ed (ECE) has worked in teaching, consultancy, advocacy and legislative compliance, and lecturing at the University of Newcastle. She is CEO of International Child Care College (ICCC), which delivers vocational education and training in Early Childhood Education and Care, face-to-face and online.

  • Chapter 6, Managing Performance, has been rewritten, and now explores performance review strategies, and has new information around addressing poor performance and developing improvement plans
  • NEW Mapping grid and additional teacher support material including additional cases and testbank
  • NEW material around diversity, cultural competence and cultural safety in the workplace. This chapter now addresses racism and bias in the workplace.
  • Rewrite of CH 4 Leading the work team, to include theories around team roles, functions and dynamics. This chapter has a focus on measuring and monitoring team performance.
  • New In-practice boxes provide practical examples to link theory and practice, and can be used for discussion and debate, and to develop classroom-based group tasks
  • Redeveloped into 9 chapters (from 7) to highlight and extend new content required for imported BSB units on leadership, teams and sustainability; this fulfills volume-of-learning requirements for assessment, and gives coverage of qualification.
  • More visuals to clarify concepts such as dimensions of diversity, models of team effectiveness, decision-making process for visual learners. Artwork for these can be developed into activities for follow-up reflective exercises
  • More links to useful websites for teachers to encourage further learning with research activities.
  • NEW CourseMate Express student companion website with extension material strengthens understanding with practice away from class
  • Mapping grid shows clearly the coverage of the Diploma

Table of Contents

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1. Leadership
2. Managing for quality in a legislative environment
3. Managing and meeting information needs
4. leading the work team
5. Managing recruitment
6. Managing performance
7. Managing for work health and safety
8. Managing diversity
9. Managing for sustainability

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The Business of Child Care

  • ISBN-10: 0170376664
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