America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System,
13th Edition

David W. Neubauer, Henry F. Fradella

ISBN-13: 9781337557894 | ISBN-10: 1337557897

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 648 pages

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Open this book and step into America's court system! With Neubauer and Fradella's best-selling text, you'll get an inside view of the experiences of a judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and more. This fascinating and well-researched text gives you a realistic sense of being in the courthouse, enabling you to quickly grasp what it's like to work in and be a part of the American criminal justice system. The book's approach, which focuses on the courthouse "players," makes it easy to understand each person's important role in bringing a case through the court process. Throughout, the authors highlight not only the pivotal role of the criminal courts but also the court's importance and impact on society as a whole.

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Meet the Authors

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David William Neubauer has taught at the University of Florida, at Washington University in St. Louis, and most recently at the University of New Orleans. In addition to this best-selling text, he is the author of DEBATING CRIME: RHETORIC AND REALITY, and BATTLE SUPREME: THE CONFIRMATION OF CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS AND THE FUTURE OF THE SUPREME COURT, both from Wadsworth. His articles have appeared in a wide array of scholarly journals, including Law and Society Review, Judicature, Policy Studies Journal, and Law and Policy Quarterly. Dr. Neubauer's current research interests include nominations to the Supreme Court and religion in public life.

Henry F. Fradella is a Professor in and Associate Director of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. He earned a B.A. in psychology from Clark University, both a master's in forensic science and a J.D. from The George Washington University, and a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary justice studies from Arizona State University. In addition to having published more than 80 scholarly articles, comments, and reviews, Dr. Fradella is the author of ten other books, including two published by Wadsworth: AMERICA'S COURTS AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM and CRIMINAL PROCEDURE FOR THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROFESSIONAL. Dr. Fradella has twice served as a guest editor of the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice and as the Legal Literature editor of West's Criminal Law Bulletin for four terms (Volumes 41–44). A fellow of the Western Society of Criminology, he served as the editor of the society's journal, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society from December 2013 through April 2017. He teaches a variety of courses, including criminal law, criminal procedure, courts and judicial processes, and forensic psychology.

  • Streamlined coverage in 15 chapters (compared to 17 in previous edition) makes this market-leading text easier than ever to use in a traditional semester. The first chapter now provides an overview of both courts and law in the United States, and the two sentencing chapters have been combined into one.
  • Current, new examples illustrate principles throughout the book. For example, Chapter 1 uses the case of Dylann Roof to illustrate key points of the study of courts throughout the chapter, while Chapter 9 employs the case of Brock Turner to study defendants, victims, and witnesses.
  • Updated statistics illuminate all aspects of the criminal justice judicial process, including current information on federal and state courts and their caseloads, juvenile crime, case attrition, and sentencing.
  • Students gain insight into the latest U.S. Supreme Court cases, such as Foster v. Chatman (2016), Birchfield v. North Dakota (2016), and Glossip v. Gross (2016), as well as changes to the Court, such as the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.
  • The thirteenth edition features three appendices: the U.S. Constitution; an overview of the United States Constitution, focusing on parts of the Constitution that describe the judicial system; and legal reasoning, an explanation of adjudication as the formal process by which legal disputes are judicially resolved in courts of law.
  • This best-selling text on criminal courts features a unique emphasis on courthouse dynamics, which gives students a true sense of being in the courthouse.
  • "Courts and Controversy" boxes deal with contentious issues in the criminal courts system and how these issues are resolved.
  • The book's unique themes -- the law on the books, the law in action, and the law in controversy -- provide students with a means of focusing on important issues and how to think critically about them.
  • "Case Close-Up" boxes in each chapter present important court decisions that have affected our nation's criminal justice system. These boxes also highlight the dynamic nature of courts in the United States.

Table of Contents

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1. Law, Crime, Courts, and Controversy.
2. Federal Courts.
3. State Courts.
4. Juvenile Courts.
5. The Dynamics of Courthouse Justice.
6. Prosecutors.
7. Defense Attorneys.
8. Judges.
9. Defendants and Victims.
10. From Arrest and Bail through Arraignment.
11. Disclosing and Suppressing Evidence.
12. Negotiated Justice and the Plea of Guilty.
13. Trials and Juries.
14. Sentencing.
15. Appellate and Habeas Corpus Review.

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