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Mental Health in Higher Education

Presented by:
Dr Emily Ortega

There is a parallel between elite sports and academic performance - a relentless pursuit of success. Like athletes, students are expected to strive for excellence in their learning, and academics are expected to perform as they are constantly evaluated. Yet, this can be detrimental to mental health. This webinar will share strategies from elite sports to help educators and students better cope with the stressors.

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Beyond the Classroom:
Video Projects for Reflexive Learning​

Presented by:
Lou Antolihao

Reflexivity is an influential conceptual framework in the humanities and social sciences that puts emphasis on the subject’s reflection and self-awareness in the process of inquiry, decision-making, and action. Dr. Lou shares his experience of using basic video production as a course requirement to make students' learning experiences more relevant to their academic interests and career plans.​

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The Future of AI/ChatGPT in Education

Presented by:
Mr Neumann Chew

While AI is not new, ChatGPT gives AI power to anyone in a simple to use interface. Unprecedented access to AI, unprecedented range of applications (real and potential). Students in many institutions were excited about the use of ChatGPT in learning and assessments. We will learn the background and brief technology involved and the potential benefits, risk and possible future.

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