Carol K. Sigelman, Linda De George, Kimberley Cunial, Mark Kohler, Nadine Ballam, Elizabeth A. Rider

ISBN-13: 9780170452816

Life Span Human Development is about the development of human beings – from conception to death. It highlights similarities as well as differences in developmental stages, and it asks fundamental questions about why we humans develop as we do. Each chapter focuses on a particular topic or domain of development...

Carol K. Sigelman, Linda De George, Kimberley Cunial, Elizabeth A. Rider

ISBN-13: 9780170415910

The third edition of Life Span Human Development helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the many interacting forces affecting development from infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It includes local, multicultural and indigenous issues and perspectives, local research in development, regionally relevant statistical information, and national guidelines on health....