Christi Crosby Bergin, David Allen Bergin

ISBN-13: 9780357765425

Bergin/Bergin's CHILD AND ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT IN YOUR CLASSROOM, TOPICAL APPROACH, 4e, provides future teachers with authentic, research-based strategies and guidelines for the classroom. Child development concepts are applied to relevant, interesting topics, including classroom discipline, social-emotional development and well-being, how to motivate learners and many others. Individual and group diversity...

Kevin Ryan, James M. Cooper, Susan Tauer, Cory Callahan

ISBN-13: 9780357765838

TEACHING FOR STUDENT LEARNING: BECOMING A MASTER TEACHER, Fourth Edition, offers practical tools, skills and advice that pre-service and in-service teachers can implement immediately. Written by a team of experienced educators and authors, this trusted text promotes ambitious and powerful teaching and high levels of engagement and interaction. Ideal for...

Libby Tudball, Peter Brett, Rob Gilbert

ISBN-13: 9780170460187

Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences 8th edition prepares you to develop and implement lessons in the humanities and social sciences learning areas from F-10. It successfully blends theory with practical approaches to provide a basis for teaching that is engaging, inquiry-based and relevant to students’ lives. Chapters on history, geography,...

Wilma Robles de Melendez, Vesna Beck

ISBN-13: 9780357765494

This in-depth exploration discusses the need for addressing diversity and multicultural realities in the classroom from a global perspective. De Melendez and Beck's TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN IN MULTICULTURAL CLASSROOMS: ISSUES, CONCEPTS, AND STRATEGIES, 6th EDITION, prepares you with the necessary knowledge, skills and strategies to create a developmentally appropriate, respectful...

Lisa Kervin, Steven Howard, Rachel Jones, Anthony McKnight

ISBN-13: 9780170460446

Research plays a powerful role in shaping effective teaching and learning experiences. By demystifying the research process, Research for Educators assists you to develop and use research skills in a range of educational contexts. This introductory text steps you through the research process from identifying an initial question for research...

Samuel Kirk, James J Gallagher, Mary Ruth Coleman

ISBN-13: 9780357625231

Learn about the strengths and challenges of working with special education students and their families with EDUCATING EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN, 15E, written by luminaries in special education today. You learn how to support the success of students who have disabilities or are gifted and talented. This edition's strength-based approach to student...

Richard M. Gargiulo, Debbie Metcalf

ISBN-13: 9780357625095

Concise and accessible, Gargiulo/Metcalf's TEACHING IN TODAY'S INCLUSIVE CLASSROOMS: A UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING APPROACH, 4th edition, equips you with a practical, flexible framework for effective instruction, classroom management, assessment and collaboration in today's diverse classrooms. It is the first inclusion textbook with a consistent, integrated emphasis on UDL --...

Lynn R Marotz, K. Eileen Allen

ISBN-13: 9780357625026

Packed with the latest research and best practices, Marotz/Allen's DEVELOPMENTAL PROFILES: PRE-BIRTH THROUGH ADOLESCENCE, 9th edition, helps you understand the complexity of children's development. Major characteristics for each developmental domain are presented in a concise, nontechnical, point-by-point format. This bestseller addresses typical daily routines and important safety considerations at each...

Judith Dinham

ISBN-13: 9780170459020

This market-leading practical text helps student teachers develop their confidence, understanding and skills to effectively and authentically teach arts. With a strong balance between theory and practice, Delivering Authentic Arts Education outlines the true nature of the key learning area of arts education and its importance in the curriculum, emphasising...

Robyn Ewing, Lisa Kervin

ISBN-13: 9780170458962

Teaching, 7e is an easy-to-use text that encourages you to become an active learner of teaching. It shows you how to think like a teacher and asks you to consider the key aspects of teaching. The book also directs you to useful teaching resources – in text, in references and...

Roy Killen, Mitch O'Toole

ISBN-13: 9780170457590

Effective Teaching Strategies: Lessons from Research and Practice provides you with a practical overview of nine common teaching strategies used in all levels of education and training from early childhood through to higher education. Coverage of the importance of being a reflective teacher helps you to learn to reflect on...

Diana Whitton, Dona Martin, Denise Wood, Nina Maadad, Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes

ISBN-13: 9780170453684

‘Teaching’ is a comprehensive text for beginning teachers which focuses on teacher practice, research developments, and helping you become a confident and competent practitioner in a diverse and changing world. The text identifies the knowledge and skills needed for the teaching and learning process, and also explores the planning, teaching...

Eileen K. Allen, Glynnis Edwards Cowdery

ISBN-13: 9780357630693

Gain a strong understanding of the foundational issues you face as you teach, parent or assist in an inclusive early childhood setting with Allen/Cowdery's THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD: INCLUSION IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, 9E. Today's most comprehensive, applied text on early childhood special education, this edition, with an appealing new design,...

Kevin Ryan, James M. Cooper, Cheryl Mason Bolick, Cory Callahan

ISBN-13: 9780357518441

Take a close look at the challenges, realities and rewards of teaching today as Ryan/Cooper/Bolick/Callahan's THOSE WHO CAN, TEACH, 15E helps you make an informed decision about entering today's teaching profession. This edition's highly acclaimed author team draws from current research and multiple sources to pose the question "Why Teach?"...

Peter Albion, Coral Campbell, Wendy Jobling

ISBN-13: 9780170449960

Technologies Education for the Primary Years explains what ‘technology’ really is, its role in human society and how it responds to different circumstances across history and geography. The text gives you an introduction to the two distinct technologies subjects in the Australian Curriculum: Technologies – Design and technologies, and Digital...

Iva Strnadová, Michael Arthur-Kelly, Phil Foreman

ISBN-13: 9780170449342

Inclusion in Action outlines the philosophy of inclusive education. It focuses on the use of individualised planning to provide for the needs of every student in your class, and on using effective teaching practices to maximise learning outcomes, as well as creating positive and productive environments. This sixth edition is...

Sue Duchesne, Anne McMaugh, Erin Mackenzie

ISBN-13: 9780170449274

Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching explores the development of the learner over time, the learning process, individual differences in the classroom, as well as educational psychology in contemporary classrooms. The text caters for those who are planning to work with any age range from early childhood to adolescence and...

Keith Skamp, Christine Preston, Contributing Authors

ISBN-13: 9780170443401

Teaching Primary Science Constructively helps you to create effective science learning experiences for primary students. This bestselling text explains the principles of constructivism and their implications for learning and teaching science. Chapters also provide research-based and practical ideas for implementing a constructivist approach. Throughout the text, there are strong links...

Dean Dudley, Amanda Telford, Louisa Peralta, Claire Stonehouse, Matthew Winslade

ISBN-13: 9780170439510

Teaching Quality Health and Physical Education helps you develop and implement Health and Physical Education experiences in primary schools. It introduces the general principles of teaching and learning in HPE and explains why this learning area is an important part of the Australian Curriculum. Chapters also discuss the considerations and...

John De Nobile, Gordon Lyons, Michael Arthur-Kelly

ISBN-13: 9780170439138

Positive Learning Environments: Creating and Maintaining Productive Classrooms introduces the key concepts you need to know to create and maintain your classroom as a positive learning environment. It begins by introducing four essential components that create a positive, productive learning environment. These positive practices help you establish classrooms that recognise...

Ministry of Education China

ISBN-13: 9789814896221

The General Senior High School Curriculum Program and Standards is the official syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China to guide and regulate senior high school education in China. The series reflects the latest principles of education promoted and adopted in China. It consists...

Oon Seng Tan, Bee Leng Chua, Isabella Yuen-Fun Wong

ISBN-13: 9789814878319

Latest developments in the neuroscience and science of learning have affirmed the theories of the late cognitive psychologist Professor Reuven Feuerstein. The theory of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM), which have their genesis in the 1950s continue to make advances in its implementation science. This book...

Rob Gilbert, Libby Tudball, Peter Brett

ISBN-13: 9780170424165

Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences, 7e prepares you to develop and implement lessons in the humanities and social sciences. With the aid of this valuable text, you’ll be able to assist primary, middle and secondary students to become active and informed citizens. The resource blends theory with practical approaches to...

Judith Dinham

ISBN-13: 9780170420594

This market-leading text helps you develop the confidence, understanding and skills you need to teach arts, including dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts. With a perfect balance between theory and practice, Delivering Authentic Arts Education outlines the key learning area of arts education and its importance in the...

Mary Hill, Martin Thrupp, Contributors

ISBN-13: 9780170416771

The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand contains information that will help you learn to teach effectively. Written specifically for the New Zealand setting, it highlights the range of knowledge and skills that you’ll need in order to make a positive difference to your students’ lives. This text includes...

Betty Roe, Sandra H. Smith, Nancy J. Kolodziej

ISBN-13: 9781337566292

TEACHING READING IN TODAYS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS sets the standard for reading instruction to ensure that you are able to help your students learn mechanics of word recognition, how to comprehend what they read -- and enjoy the process. The book advocates a balanced approach to reading, presenting newer approaches to...

James M. Cooper

ISBN-13: 9780357111659

TEACHING FOR STUDENT LEARNING: BECOMING A MASTER TEACHER, offers practical tools, skills, and advice that students and in-service teachers can put into immediate use in the field.

Joseph Boyle, David Scanlon

ISBN-13: 9781337566148

Students in special education methods courses often become overwhelmed by the numerous methods and insufficient practice opportunities to apply techniques in actual teaching situations. That won't happen with METHODS AND STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING STUDENTS WITH HIGH INCIDENCE DISABILITIES: A CASE-BASED APPROACH. The book's focused approach presents just five to seven...

Wilma Robles de Melendez, Vesna Beck

ISBN-13: 9781337566070

This in-depth exploration discusses the need for addressing diversity and multicultural realities in the classroom. It prepares you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to create a developmentally appropriate, respectful, and culturally responsive classroom and teaching environment. You'll find practical information, ideas, and strategies that you can apply to...

Donald Ary, Lucy Cheser Jacobs, Christine K. Sorensen Irvine, David Walker

ISBN-13: 9781337566001

Become a more competent consumer and producer of research with INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH IN EDUCATION, 10th Edition. Known for its exceptionally clear writing style and comprehensive coverage, this research methods text helps you master the basic competencies necessary to understand and evaluate the research of others -- as well as...